Parents’ Council


In a regular newsletter the parents’ council informs about activities around the Vogelsang School.

In the current issue you will find the following topics:

  • The new parents’ council introduces itself
  • Information about the beginning of the school year
  • Activities of the sponsoring association

You can download the full newsletter here: Newsletter Dezember 2022


The distribution of the rights and duties of parents and schools is regulated in the Basic Law. Schools have an educational mandate, which is laid down in the School Act. Because education and upbringing cannot be separated from each other, constructive cooperation between parents and teachers takes on special significance .For this reason, great value is placed on parental cooperation at our school.

The basis for the organization of parent representation in Baden-Württemberg is the Baden-Württemberg School Law. In Baden-Württemberg, the parents’ representative of a class is called the parents’ representative, the school parents’ representative is called the parents’ council and the school parents’ representative is called the parents’ council chairman. The parent council chair also serves as vice chair of the school conference.

At the school class level, a parent-teacher conference is required for each school semester, which includes the parents of the class as well as the teachers teaching in the class. The parents elect a class parent representative and a deputy from among their number.

The elected class parent representatives and deputies form the parents’ council. At least two meetings of the Parents’ Council per school year are mandatory. The Parents’ Council elects the Parents’ Council Chairperson from among its members. Its tasks are to represent the parents of the school to the school management and the public. The most important internal school body is the school conference, whose representatives are also elected from the ranks of the parents’ councils.

The parent council chairpersons of the schools of a school board form the general parent council. Representatives of the various school types and administrative districts form the state parents’ council.


Jessica Massetti       (Chairwoman)
Susanne Wiederer  (1. Substitution)
Stefan Erbe              (2. Substitution)

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